Meet Ashish Thanvi

Deep derivatives expertise in delivering consistent yield enhancing
absolute returns

Mr. Ashish Thanvi enjoys 18+ years of strong experience navigating the capital markets with expertise in developing and deploying algorithmic trading strategies for various derivatives across diverse desks, and has showcased proven ability to manage large funds (₹4000 cr / $500 million).

Ashish has extensive experience of working with the parent company since 2011, specializing in proprietary trading strategies and risk management. He also possesses a gifted track record of mentorship, having trained over 200 derivatives traders.

Funds advised by Ashish
Fort Enhance
Earn 10-14% incremental return on your existing investments (Mutual Funds, Shares, ETFs, G-Secs)
Absolute Alternates
Absolute Returns Agnostic of Market Volatility
Cumulative Gross Returns FY 24
Monthly Gross Returns
Average Historical Return of 13.84% p.a. Since FY 2015
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