Meet Ishan Thakkar

Big returns come in small packages!

Mr. Ishan Thakkar is an astute professional with an MBA in Finance, and over 6 years of expertise in the dynamic equity market. Since joining Fort Capital in 2018, he has been instrumental in steering the pre-investment process and adroitly managing the active investments within our portfolio companies.

Ishan’s forte lies in unearthing lucrative opportunities by employing a meticulous bottom-up approach to stock selection. Ishan’s rigorous screening process, tracks management commentary against delivered performance for at least 6-8 quarters before investment. This rigor has led to sustained outperformance against benchmark indices.

Funds managed by Ishan
Fort Value
Uncovering hidden gems, deep value, small cap
Fort Dynamic
Buying quality businesses below their intrinsic value
Fund advised by Ishan
India Opportunity Fund
Ride The Tiger: Harness India's Economic Boom
Fort Value v/s  Benchmark Growth since Inception (Sept 2018)
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